Prefer to study on-site but with all the additional benefits of FEIFLEX technology?

Are you a traditionalist who prefers participating in a course the ‘usual’ way? That is, attending classes on site, participating directly in discussions, asking questions directly to the course leader and networking with your fellow students over coffee or lunch? No problem, all FEIFLEX courses are conducted on-site in one of our many classrooms. One of the great benefits of FEIFLEX is that those who choose to study traditionally also get the added value that our dynamic classroom technology offers.

Welcome to our premises

FEI has sites in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Alicante. You will be able to actively participate in your training and meet you course leaders face-to-face. The social environment is also important. All of our locations have coffee and lunch sites, in Stockholm we even have our own high class restaurant.

Get support on site

An advantage to attending our lessons on-site is that you can receive support directly. Course leaders, study advisors, course administrators and FEIFLEX technicians are available for any questions and concerns you may have. We are here to support you and your employer in your skills development.

Welcome back digitally

What makes our classrooms different from those of other educational providers? We have specially equipped them so that every student can get the most out of their studies. All of our locations offer a state-of-the-art study environment, complete with the latest audio-visual technologies. Through cameras, speakers and screens we add another dimension for those who choose to study on site.

A central feature of FEIFLEX is that all lessons are recorded in real time. You can return to the classroom to revisit lessons as many times as you would like. Perfect if you have missed a lesson or need to prepare for an exam.

Meet your class mates

Should you decide to attend a lecture in-person, FEIFLEX will allow you to actively connect with your course-mates located throughout Sweden or abroad. At FEI, talented professionals – both physically and virtually – gather together to study. The exchange of ideas and interaction with fellow professionals is important. Our specially equipped classrooms foster such exchanges and interactions.

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