The Competence Partner of Choice

FEI is one of the most established and best-known providers of professional business education in Sweden. More than 2000 professionals study at FEI each year. A majority of our students are sponsored by their employers.

About FEI

FEI is the competence partner of choice for many Swedish organisations. We are proud of the range and diversity of our customers. People come to us from small and large businesses throughout Sweden. All types of companies, from all lines of business! From the best-known publicly-traded giants to small, sole traders. The public sector is also represented, as are; schools, healthcare, government agencies and ministries, and so forth. Environmental associations, political parties, embassies and sports clubs are examples of other organisations that make use of FEI, and the list goes on.

On an individual level, the outline is the same. FEI caters for the competence development of the entire organisation: the newly appointed accountant, the salesperson who has been given account responsibility, the manager who needs improved leadership qualities and the board director who strives to feel more secure in their role.


FEIFLEX is our unique hybrid concept that offers our students complete freedom over how they want to experience their course. FEIFLEX combines the best aspects of traditional classroom teaching and distance learning. It offers benefits for all course participants regardless of how you choose to study, whether it is on site with us, from home, from the office or on a trip.

Business Education & Training

FEI has an exciting range of executive courses – both in width and depth. We offer business education and training within highly topical subject areas, for example Financial Accounting and Finance, Management Accounting, Human Resources, Management, Financial Services and Insurance. Within each area there are further choices for you and your organisation – from short courses to advanced degrees.

Higher Vocational Education

In addition to our courses for professionals, we are a major providers of publicly-funded Higher Vocational Education programmes within different fields, such as Purchasing Management, Event Management, Actuary Studies, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Hospitality Management and Project Management in the Construction Industry. The programmes involve a work placement period of up to a third of the programme duration.

Courses in English

In addition to our courses in Swedish, FEI in collaboration with Coventry University offers a range of Top-up degrees conducted in English, leading to a Bachelor’s degree. Thanks to FEIFLEX, Top-up degrees are open to qualified candidates from any location around the globe.

We hope you will find a course that meets your needs for competence development.

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