FEIFLEX: a unique hybrid concept

At FEI we are forward-thinking in our approach to learning. We understand that flexibility is important for a satisfying student experience, especially when it comes to when, where and how students want to learn. Our FEIFLEX courses have been designed with this in mind.

FEIFLEX is our unique hybrid learning concept that offers students complete freedom over how they want to experience their course. FEIFLEX combines the best aspects of traditional classroom teaching and distance learning. It offers benefits for all course participants regardless of how you choose to study, whether it is on site with us, from home, from the office or on a trip.

FEIFLEX means that lessons are conducted in our dynamic classrooms while also being broadcast in real-time. With each lesson you have the option of participating either directly on site or remotely from any location that suits you. Additionally, as the lessons are recorded you can revisit them afterwards however many times you like!

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