…every lesson is also available for you to review online as often as you want!

All FEIFLEX lessons are recorded. This provides a number of advantages to you as a participant. Perhaps you want to review a particular section of the lecture or discussion? Simply watch the recording and revisit the material at your own pace.

Recorded lessons will then be available throughout the whole duration or the course. This means you can revisit presentations, the lecturer’s notes and answers to questions or discussion points.

If you miss a lesson

Our courses at FEI are designed around real-time participation, either on site in the classroom or through distance learning, and we highly recommend doing so as to maximise the benefits you will receive from the course. However we do understand that circumstances sometimes make you unable to attend. You may be sick, have to care for children or simply have an important meeting. If you happen to miss a lesson for whatever reason, it is not the end of the world. One of the main benefits of FEIFLEX as that you will always have access to lesson recordings. Therefore you can very easily catch up on any missed classes. Our lecturers and course leaders are also very happy to answer any questions you may have not got the chance to ask through missing a class.

Watch lessons on your smartphone!

With FEIFLEX you can view all recordings on all devices, including your smartphone, perfect for repeating lessons when on the train or bus.

Everyone remembers a good teacher

Our course leaders are all experts in their respective fields. They include accountants, lawyers, consultants, business leaders as well as numerous university lecturers and active researchers, all with an outstanding ability to communicate their knowledge to course participants. With our expert-led teaching combined with the numerous benefits offered to you by FEIFLEX, you will have the confidence and ability apply your newfound knowledge and skills in your own working situation.

Just for you

The recorded material is available exclusively to you and to your class colleagues. Non-participants have no access. All material is erased once the course is completed.

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