…or you can choose distance study via your computer, tablet or smartphone …

We understand that the ‘traditional’ course experience does not suit everybody. Perhaps with other commitments you cannot attend in-person, or maybe you simply prefer the freedom of studying from anywhere in the world. Whatever your reason may be, FEIFLEX provides the perfect distance learning option. All you need is a web-connected computer, tablet or smartphone and well-connected microphone. That’s it! You can work from your office, your home, from a hotel or an airport – your choice of location is completely up to you.

Is any other equipment needed?

You can also make your experience even more immersive. While you can use your devices inbuilt microphone, we do recommend a headset for maximum clarity. A webcam is also highly recommended as an integral aspect to FEIFLEX is to see and be seen by fellow students and the lecturer.

Is it difficult to log-in?

No, you simply follow the log-in instructions along with any other pre-course information supplied to you by FEI.

Be active and ask questions

During lessons you will be able to ask questions and participate in the discussions. In other words, through FEIFLEX’s advanced distance learning capabilities you will be actively involved in the lessons instead of simply listening passively. Our ambition is to provide students with the exact same level of learning experience as if they were actually in the FEI classroom.

Course literature and documentation

Course books are available as both e-books or in physical copies (which can be delivered directly to distance learning students). Other course documentation is distributed digitally.

The choice is yours

One of the biggest advantages of FEIFLEX is that you are entirely free to choose your location for each individual lesson. You can choose participate in the whole course through distance learning, or perhaps you may decide to attend a one or two classes onsite to meet the course leader and to familiarise yourself with FEI. You can structure your participation in a way that suits you best, the choice is yours!

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