…every lesson is also available for you to review online as often as you want!

FEI FLEX lessons are recorded, providing obvious advantages to you as participant. Should you happen to miss a lesson, it’s not the end of the world. Should you wish to review a particular section which you found difficult, then you can replay the section in your own time and follow the lecturer’s explanation again.


One important advantage of FEI FLEX is that you are able to revise both specific lesson components or entire lessons retroactively. You are free to subsequently decide to view the lessons as many times as you want: presentations, everything written on the board and, not least, answers to questions and discussion points are all available to you afterwards.

Our course leaders are experts within their respective fields of instruction and include accountants, lawyers, consultants, business leaders and other specialists — all with an outstanding ability to communicate their knowledge to course participants who are already out in working life. The learning process is often all about nuances and a sharp eye for fine details. FEI FLEX allows you to review individual lessons as many times as you want until you feel confident that you have understood and that you are confident that you are able to apply this newly acquired knowledge practically in your own working situation.

The recorded material is available exclusively to you and to your class colleagues. Non-participants have no access. All material is erased once the course is completed.

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