…or you can choose distance study via your computer, tablet or smartphone …


Unable to attend the course in Stockholm, Gothenburg or London? Then FEI FLEX distance learning is an excellent option. All you need is a web-connected computer, tablet or smartphone. You can work from your office, from your home, from a hotel or from an airport — your choice of location is limitless!


What equipment do you need?  Nothing advanced — your in-built computer microphone will normally suffice, although we do recommend that you use a headset for maximum clarity. Ideally we would like you to use your webcam since it’s pleasant for your teacher and study companions to put a face to your name. However, use of your webcam is not obligatory.

You do not require special software or apps to take part in the lessons — you simply follow the log-in instructions in conjunction with other pre-course information supplied to you by FEI.

During the lessons you can ask questions and participate in the discussions. In other words, you will be involved actively in interactive distance learning and not just listening passively. Our ambition is to provide you with exactly the same quality learning experience as if you had actually been sitting in the FEI classroom.

Coursebooks  are posted or couriered to distance learning students. Course documentation is distributed digitally.

The great advantage of FEI FLEX is that you are entirely free to choose your location for each individual lesson. For instance, you might decide to attend class at FEI once or twice during the course, either because you happen to be in Stockholm anyway or because you simply want to meet your course leader and  inspect our facilities.

So, what happens when it’s break time? When the participants in Stockholm head off to our own FEI Restaurant & Lounge, we recommend that you go to your kitchen and make yourself a cup of coffee!